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Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (born 18 July 1918, died 5 December 2013 aged 95)


Father: Nkosi Mphakanyiswa Gadla Henry (died 1930)*
Mother: Nonqaphi Fanny Nosekeni (died 1968)

Mr Mandela was married three times.
He had six children – four girls and two boys.

A daughter and two sons passed away: Makaziwe died as an infant in 1948; Madiba Thembekile [Thembi] died in a car accident in 1969; and Makgatho Lewanika died of an AIDS-related illness in 2005.

His surviving children are Pumla Makaziwe [Maki], Zenani and Zindziswa [Zindzi]


1944 Married Evelyn Ntoko Mase (born 1922, died 30 April 2004) – Divorced 19 March 1958

14 June 1958 Married Winifred Nomzamo Zanyiwe Madikizela (born 1936) – Divorced 19 March 1996

18 July 1998 Married Graça Machel (born 1945)


With Evelyn Mase

1. Madiba Thembekile Mandela (born 1945, died 13 July 1969 aged 24)
2. Makaziwe Mandela (died 1948 aged nine months)
3. Magkatho Lewanika Mandela (born 1950, died 6 January 2005 aged 55)
4. Pumla Makaziwe Mandela (born 1954)

With Winnie Mandela

5. Zenani Dlamini (born 1959)
6. Zindzi Mandela (born 1960)


1. Ndileka Mandela [1965—F—Thembi]
2. Nandi Mandela [1968—F—Thembi]
3. Mandla Mandela [1974—M—Makgatho]
4. Ndaba Mandela [1983—M—Makgatho]
5. Mbuso Mandela [1991—M—Makgatho]
6. Andile Mandela [1993—M—Makgatho]
7. Tukwini Mandela [1974—F—Makaziwe]
8. Dumani Mandela[1976—M—Makaziwe]
9. Kweku Mandela [1985—M—Makaziwe]
10. Zaziwe Manaway [1977—F—Zenani]
11. Zamaswazi Dlamini [1979—F—Zenani]
12. Zinhle Dlamini [1980—M—Zenani]
13. Zozuko Dlamini [1992—M—Zenani]
14. Zoleka Mandela [1980—F—Zindzi]
15. Zondwa Mandela [1985—M—Zindzi]
16. Bambatha Mandela [1989—M—Zindzi]
17. Zwelabo Mandela [1992—M—Zindzi]


1. Ziyanda Manaway [2000—M—Zaziwe]
2. Zipokhazi Manaway [2009—F—Zaziwe]
3. Zenani Mandela [1997–2010—F—Zoleka ]
4. Zwelami Mandela [2003—M—Zoleka]
5. Zamakhosi Obiri [2008—F—Zamaswazi]
6. Thembela Mandela [1984—M—Ndileka]
7. Pumla Mandela [1993—F—Ndileka]
8. Hlanganani Mandela [1986—M—Nandi]
9. Zazi Kazimla Vitalia Mandela [2010—F—Zondwa]
10. Lewanika Ngubencuka Mandela [2010—M—Ndaba]
11. Zenawe Zibuyile Mandela [2011–2011—M—Zoleka]
12. Qheya II Zanethemba Mandela [2011—M—Mandla]
13. Ziwelene Linge Mandela [2011—M—Zondwa]
14. Zenkosi John Brunson Manaway [2012—M—Zaziwe]
15. Zanyiwe Zenzile Bashala [2014—F—Zoleka]
16. Zinokuhle Marlo Dlamini [2014—F—Zinhle]
17. Makgabane Sandlasamadlomo Mandela [2015–M–Ndaba]

*Nelson Mandela's father died in 1930 when Mandela was 12 and his mother died in 1968 when he was in prison. While the autobiography Long Walk to Freedom says his father died when he was nine, historical evidence shows it must have been later, most likely 1930. In fact, the original Long Walk to Freedom manuscript (written on Robben Island) states the year as 1930, when he was 12.